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Cream the Rabbit and her little half-sister, Suger, where heading to a party with their family to meet up with their friends. Amy has plan it at her house and it was gonna be a fun night, Sugar was holding Cream's hand, she was only 4 years old and Cream was almost 7 and is starting to feel some changes in her lately. Cheese was on her head and Chocola was in her right arm. Cream's step-father and Sugar's father, Rocky the Chinchilla has his arm on his long time love who is his wife and was very loving tour her and also protective of the family, so he wants them to stay close at the party so they won't get lost.

The family reach Amy's house, by the shadows they can tell everyone was there. Sugar head on first to the door while Cream fellow her, suddenly Cream felt her heart beat fast as she approch the door. It was stange she thought, she didn't understand why but it made her feel something closed and she wanted to be near that something or someone very bad. Amy look out the window and saw them.

Amy: Oh, there here. Knuckles, can you get the door, please?

Knuckles: Yeah, yeah. I'm getting it.

Knuckles open the door to the family and single them to come in. Amy ran past some guest and hug Cream and Sugar. Overtime Amy has become a beautiful girl, her short quills had become long and in ponytail, while the rest is out, her bangs were highlight in purple and she was wearing a green and yellow outfit the make look like a true rose. Her body look slender and mature as she a train for the past 1/2 year and looked very strong training with Knuckles all this time.

Amy: It's about time you all show up, I was getting worried.

Cream: Sorry, Amy. It's my fault, I was so busy looking for a outfit to wear, I got side tracked *giggle*.

Sugar: I help pick out her outfit......oh the food smell and look good, yummy.

Vanilla: Sugar, come back here.

Vanilla fellow her youngest daughter to the buffet table, while her husband talk to the Chaotix team. Cream smile as all her friends where there. Sonic was talking to his  girlfriend, Sally Acorn, telling her lots of jokes. Rouge has went to Knuckles's side and hold his hand. She was similing, while Knuckles was trying to hide his red flushed faced. Cream even sees Big  the Cat talking to Small the Cat. She also see Soina talking to Espio. Everyone was enjoying a good time. Cream felt a hand on her shoulder and see that it was her friend, Tails. Cream blush at the sight of him and the feeling in her chest was beating fast again. Was this the feeling she was sick or was it because she was in love with Tails. Tails reach for her hand and take her outside. The feeling was warm and comforting and made Cream feel like she floating in the clouds.

When they reach outside, Tails turn to Cream and smile at her. Cream was blushing real hard.

Tails: I'm really glad you cam here Cream. I was started to worry about you not showing up.

Cream (blush): Uh.....well.......I was looking for a outfit to wear and........

Tails: Don't worry about it, it's alright.

Suddenly, Tails pull Cream to him and hug her. Cream felt nervous about being so close to him and she was wondering if she should say something. When she was about to, Tails quickly made a move and kiss her right on the lips. This was something new to Cream and she was too young to have her very first kiss taken. Without thinking, she push Tails really hard and ran back inside the house leaving Tails speechless and confused about what he did wrong. Back in the house, Cream was running real hard, until she bumps into someone. She rub the pain and quickly got up.

Cream: I'm so sorry , I didn't mean to bump into you. I was just going to bathroom. I'm very very sorry. It's all my fault.

????: It's all right Creamy, what where you running from? Is something wrong? You look like you were in a hurry.

Cream look up and saw a very familar face. It was non other then Vector's girlfriend, Samantha the Alligator. She looked at Cream with her alaways charming smile. Cream looked away, trying to hide her blushing face. Samantha notice and had a confused  face.

Samantha: What's wrong, did something happen?

Cream (blushing): N-no nothing, nothing happend, Ms. Samantha. Everything is fine, really.

Samantha: Dosen't sound like it, you look like you were running away from something or someone?

Cream: Well....Can we talk?

Samantha: Sure thing.

Cream told Samantha everything, with Samantha nodding her head up and down. She understand Cream's problem and put her arm around the sweet little rabbit.

Samantha: Well, it takes time, Cream. If your not ready, then tell Tails how you feel and he'll understand. That way everyone's happy.

Cream: Ok, I'll try.

Cream walked away and head outside to see Tails. Samantha watch her leave hoping that everything goes well. She notices the two coming back in for half hour and they begin to have fun now and getting along well.

Samantha: Your never too young or old to fell in love.
Happy Valentines.
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Wow, this story is so wonderful.
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